Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay or Article

Developing an Article Argumentative Essay

An article argumentative essay is a paper that delves into a topic by gathering and examining evidence to propose a particular side of the subject. There is plenty of research involved in writing this academic piece. You need to collect ample material that supports the position chosen in the write-up. Plus, you need to set a thesis and follow a logical interpretation of the evidence.

Since an article argumentative essay is involving, students are unsure of where to start. This piece covers essential considerations you need to make for the assignment. Learn how to approach the task and submit an excellent document.

Make the Thesis Statement Clear

The first paragraph should be dedicated to elaborating on your position on the topic. However, you should start by providing a background for the issue from a generalized to a narrow perspective. Tell the readers about the significance of the subject to get them invested in reading. Finally, the thesis statement defines the author's position on the topic.

Have a Well-Researched Body

Ensure that your paragraphs are opened, discussed, and closed—no covered idea should spill into the next section. Your work is to present your arguments clearly and concisely while including the supporting evidence. Stick to the essence of the write-up by ensuring the thesis statement echoes through the argumentative essay body. Tangents may cost you heavily in terms of word count. Thus, make sure to address the crux of the issue without divulging unnecessary information.

Include Diverging Views in Your Argumentative Essay

Nevertheless, you need to handle any views that contradict your line of reasoning. If you do not include alternative perspectives, your essay will end up being descriptive instead of argumentative. Thus, highlight these differing opinions comprehensively. However, you should aim to portray the flaws in the ideas and justifications for the realization.

The Importance of Evidence in an Article Argumentative Essay

The evidence you use must be accurate and comprehensive. Avoid using content that may be out-of-date or debunked. You must rely on credible literature that has been recently published. Libraries and digital academic repositories are terrific resources for these write-ups. Some students make the mistake of leaving out alternative points of view since they feel it destabilizes their own. However, you can demonstrate the limitations of other research without merely stating it is old news.

Crafting a Fitting Conclusion to an Argumentative Piece

Concluding an article argumentative essay involves more than summarizing the piece. Do not restate your previous arguments or thesis statement as it is repeating yourself. Instead, try to reiterate your position while highlighting how your article illustrates the reasoning. Avoid adding information that is not covered in the other sections of your write-up. You can add a brief discussion that points out areas that require more study.

In summary, an article argumentative essay may seem like a tasking assignment to complete. However, the tips given above are designed to help ease the process of writing the paper. Take the time to hone your composition skills so that you can improve on your grammar too. After all, your submission should be excellent on all fronts.

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