Practical Guide to the APA Style

Practical Guide to the APA Style

The APA style is one of the most used quote styles by students. This is because many universities advise that bibliographic citations of theses and essays be written following the APA Style. Being a student, you will have the duty to use the style of quotation impeccably.

APA Style Guide

The APA style was created by the American Psychological Association (APA). It is the standard style adopted for publications in the social sciences. The official APA Style manual is very extensive and detailed and, for this reason, may be impractical to consult. Often, the answer regarding a particular doubt about a specific source will not be present in the guide or will be very difficult to find.

Many universities have developed their own practical handbook to help students follow the APA style guidelines. These manuals may be useful but, according to our experience, they are often confusingly written, not up to date and do not provide practical and definitive answers on the style and format to be used to cite a source.

APA style and thesis formatting

Many students do not know that the APA Style, in addition to rules regarding the citation of the sources and the creation of bibliographic references, provides other rules concerning, for example, the formatting of bibliographic references, the use of abbreviations and the style of headings and summaries.

Scribbr and APA

Thanks to our website, in just three steps you will be able to dominate the APA Style, without the risk of making mistakes in creating quotes and, more importantly, avoiding plagiarism.

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